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0871, 0845, 0800 Non Geographical Numbers and Carrier Pre-Selection from UK Freephone

Our Numbers

  • Alpha Dial
    Alpha Dial Numbers It is usually much easier for a customer to remember a name than a number and Alpha Dial takes full advantage of this. A telephone number that spells your name, a business name, or a “buzz” word for your industry, this provides instant company or product ...…Read More
  • Memorable Numbers
    Memorable Numbers At UK Freephone we have a holding library of many non-geographical memorable numbers and we also have agreements with many service providers to ensure we can source as many alpha numeric numbers as possible. A memorable telephone number is an easily remembered telephone ...…Read More
  • 0800 Freephone
    0800 Freephone Freephone telephone numbers are free to the caller, and paid for by the recipient. A single 0800 number range is used for these services. Benefits are as follows: 1.) A Freephone number will mask your locality and size of your business • With your locality masked ...…Read More
  • 0845 Local
    0845 Local Local rate numbers calls are split between the caller and the recipient. 0845 and the newly launched 0844 numbers ensure that callers pay a fixed pence per minute rate to call you, wherever they are located nationally. Benefits are as follows: • A local rate number will ...…Read More
  • 0870/0871 National
    0870 / 0871 National Rate The full cost of a call to a national rate number is paid for by the caller. The current number range for national rate calls is 0870 and 0871. 0870 rates are fixed at the national rate of the customers network supplier. 0871 calls cost from 6p to 10p, depending ...…Read More
  • Non-Geographic - call routing options
    Dynamic Routing We are able to provide a wide range of dynamic routing options to enhance the service delivery of any non-geographic number such as: • Geographical-plan routing – Calls are routed to the nearest service centre based on the originating CLI. Perfect for ...…Read More