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0871, 0845, 0800 Non Geographical Numbers and Carrier Pre-Selection from UK Freephone

0800 Freephone

Freephone telephone numbers are free to the caller, and paid for by the recipient. A single 0800 number range is used for these services. Benefits are as follows:

1.)  A Freephone number will mask your locality and size of your business

• With your locality masked by your 0800 number you can   advertise anywhere and you can provide service to and   compete nationwide with much larger competitors.

2.)  A Freephone number will maximise the response rates from any advertising campaign

• Many customers call freephone numbers for quotes before  any other numbers. Make sure your company is one of  these and doesn’t miss any potential sales calls.

3.)  A Freephone number will improve the image of your business

• Many corporate businesses now expect their customers to  pay for customer service calls. Use your 0800 number to  differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Manage your campaign responses by using our call data records to measure how effective your campaigns are and in some cases, what areas your campaigns are being most effective in.

Take advantage of our dynamic routing plans to ensure that all incoming calls are routed to a phone that can be answered. We can even route your calls to your mobile phone if necessary.

For further information on our non geographical numbers, carrier pre-selection and more services, click here or call us on 0800 074 7070.